Maximising lifestyle was a key consideration in the materials selected for this Auckland home, by Furze Achitecture and Design. PALLISIDE® will never need painting, the colour is engineered into each weatherboard.

This considered design by Peter Wynyard of Archimetrix takes full advantage of its elevated position to maximise sea views and has used PALLISIDE® to achieve a striking low maintenance coastal home.

A simple pitched roofline, combined with PALLISIDE® Traditional weatherboards, delivers a good looking, low maintenance cladding solution home.

Designed with lifestyle in mind

When opportunity arose to build his own home, Auckland Architectural Designer Richard Furze embraced the challenge by first rethinking the idea of what ‘home’ meant for him and his family and in doing so, introduced a new element into the efficiency equation – building with lifestyle in mind.


Seaside Splendour

A great seaside location, inviting outdoor areas and a high-end build ensure this new home ticks all the boxes for family living. For the owners of this striking Beachlands house it is like being on permanent holiday. Their home opens up to expansive sea views, inviting outdoor living areas and a pool.

Innovation delivers high-density solution

In times of crisis, the best solutions are often the result of creative and lateral thinking, where traditional views are challenged and resulting outcomes exceed expectations. Such an opportunity was presented to Resolution Design Architectural, when they partnered with Clarke Group to help address the accommodation shortage in Auckland.

Taking a “customer first” view is at the heart of the design process says Director Sunil Bakshi. “Resolution Design specialise in multi-unit development and challenge the model of conventional building solutions, without compromising useability, comfort and safety to deliver a new model of affordable housing.”


Chic look for easy coastal living

With his previous two homes all built using brick, Jim wanted a change of style. He liked the look of cedar, but it requires a huge amount of maintenance. The same went for pine weatherboards. For him, function and practicality mattered above all else.

So when Jim encountered PALLISIDE® cladding system on display, he liked what he saw and ordered a sample pack.

Cost-effective, great looking

When Paul and Anita set out to build their new home several years ago, they had no specific cladding solution in mind.

For them, it was finding something that was cost-effective to install and looked good.

“It was about the aesthetics,” says Paul. “We wanted that classic weatherboard look.” They also had a firm idea of what they didn’t want – a cladding that required a lot of maintenance.

“We came from a house with Pine weatherboard,” says Paul. “I had just finished repainting it and it was a massive job.” And later, upon seeing the price of Pine cladding for their new build, they well and truly ruled it out.