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Designer FAQs
Where can I access Design Details?
A full range of CAD details can be found on PALLISIDE® website or via the URL
How does PALLISIDE® comply with the New Zealand Building Code?
The PALLISIDE® weatherboards system meets the requirements of the NZBC as an Alternative Solution and is supported by BRANZ appraisal 490 (Direct Fix) and 491 (Drained Cavity).
Why can’t I find PALLISIDE® referred to in NZBC Clause E2?
E2 only refers to a range of generic acceptable solutions and PALLISIDE® is an Alternative solution.
I can’t find PALLISIDE® mentioned anywhere in the E2/AS1 Building Envelope Risk Matrix?
That is correct. PALLISIDE® is an alternative solution. Once you have established your B.E.R.M. score, refer to Paragraph 2.5 in the PALLISIDE® Technical Guide, or the scope of use mentioned in BRANZ appraisals 490 (direct fix) and 491 (drained cavity).
Can PALLISIDE® be installed in wind zones above Very High (VH)?
Yes. PALLISIDE® has been tested and appraised for use in wind zones up to and including Extra High (EH) as defined by NZS3604 and for specific wind zones up to and including design differential 2.5kPa ULS. Refer to paragraph 2.4 of the PALLISIDE® Technical Guide for more guidance around wind loading.
Does the window set out differ between the PALLISIDE® weatherboard Traditional and Rusticated profiles?
Yes, they do differ. As the PALLISIDE® Traditional profile now incorporates a pre-cut scriber, there is a different window set out for Traditional and Rusticated.
What styles are available?
Rusticated with a smooth or Woodgrain finish and Traditional (Bevel-Back) with a smooth finish only.
Does PALLISIDE® look like Timber Weatherboards?
PALLISIDE® has been designed to emulate the look of timber weatherboards in either a Rusticated or Bevel Back style, however the profile shape and sizes are not the same as timber.
Is there a PALLISIDE® weatherboard available to match a wider profile?
PALLISIDE® weatherboard only come in the one standard size of double 130.
Yes. PALLISIDE® has 2 BRANZ Appraisals, 490 for Direct Fix and 491 for Drained Cavity.
How long is each PALLISIDE® Weatherboard?
Each PALLISIDE® Weatherboard is 6.3m long. Custom made 8.0m lengths are available. Contact Dynex on 0800 439 639 for more information on lead time and quantities.
What is the effective cover of each Weatherboard?
The effective cover of a standard 6.3m PALLISIDE® weatherboard is 1.64m².
I would like to include boxed corner profiles and window facings with my design. Are these available as part of the PALLISIDE® range?
A boxed external corner is now available for use with the PALLISIDE® traditional weatherboard system. Window facings are under development and expected to be available in 2020. Please contact Dynex on 0800 439 639 for further information.
What happens at non-standard corners, e.g.100°?
It may be necessary to have a special customer corner manufactured using another type of material (e.g. Timber or Powder-coated Aluminium).
Can I design using a combination of PALLISIDE® and other exterior claddings?
PALLISIDE® works well with other exterior claddings, particularly brick. There are a range of generic design showing how to transition PALLISIDE® and other claddings available via
Can PALLISIDE® be curved?
Yes, providing that the radius of the area to be curved is at least 3.0m.
Can PALLISIDE® be installed vertically?
Only the PALLISIDE® Rusticated profile only can be installed vertically however this is outside the scope of the BRANZ appraisal. Please contact Dynex on 08000439 639 for more information.
How does PALLISIDE® perform in a fire?
When exposed to flame, PALLISIDE® will melt and shrink away from the heat source. Any flame self-extinguishes immediately on removal of the heat source.
Can PALLISIDE® be used with apartments and multi-unit developments?
PALLISIDE® is suitable for use on buildings with SH Risk Group clarification and the product has been used with a wide variety of multi-unit type developments, where the fire design of the building has incorporated the use of PALLISIDE® as the main exterior cladding. Contact Dynex on 0800 439 639 for further information.
What is the Peak Heat Release and Total Heat Release rate for PALLISIDE®?
Peak Heat Release 141.7kW/m². Total Heat Release 48.6 MJ/m².
Builder FAQs
What Building Underlay can I use with PALLISIDE® Weatherboards?
When installing PALLISIDE® direct to the frame an absorbent breather type building underlay complying with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 Table 23 must be installed over the framing. Some synthetic underlays do not have the minimum 100g/m² absorbency needed to allow their use with non-absorbent claddings like PALLISIDE®. NB: When installing PALLISIDE® over a drained cavity this measure of absorbency is not important. Contact Dynex on 0800 439 639 if there is need for further clarification
What type of nails should be used with PALLISIDE®?
A 40 x 2.5mm galvanised nail (with a small 5mm head which fits nicely into the nailing groove) is supplied as part of the standard PALLISIDE® system. Fixing requirements may vary and we recommend checking with relevant fixing tables located in either the Direct Fix or Drained Cavity Installation Guide to make the correct selection.
What fixing do I need when installing PALLISIDE® in a salt spray zone?
Because of its unique interlock design, there is no requirement for stainless nails when installing PALLISIDE® in a salt-spray area, as a HDG coating, a Class 4 finish, is acceptable.
Does PALLISIDE® need to be pre-drilled?
No, the nails are simply hammered through the top-nailing strip. In cold temperatures pre-drilling may help prevent the nailing strip from splitting.
Can PALLISIDE® be installed using screws?
Yes. Refer to the relevant PALLISIDE® installation guide for details around type of screws required to install PALLISIDE®.
Can I use a Finishing Nailer/Gun to install PALLISIDE®?
Yes. The Installation Guides (and BRANZ Appraisals) support the use of a Paslode finishing nailer utilising 2 brads (skewed) per stud, as a viable option for fixing PALLISIDE®. For further information refer to the installation guides or contact Dynex on 0800 439 639.
What can be used to cut PALLISIDE®?
PALLISIDE® can be cut with a multitude of standard wood working and power tools e.g. Drop Saw or Circular Saw, as long as these power tools have a fine-tooth blade (minimum 20 teeth).
Is PALLISIDE® a safe product to work with/cut? What about the dust?
PALLISIDE® is very safe to work with and cut. There is no requirement for dust collection equipment or a face mask when handling/cutting PALLISIDE®.
Is there a sealant available to match the PALLISIDE® colours?
Yes. The PALLISIDE® weatherboard system includes coloured Silicon Sealants as part of the range.
Are the corner soakers glued in place?
No. They are simply clipped into the corner soaker base (which must be installed prior to the weatherboards). Care needs to be taken to align the boards correctly before clipping the corner soakers in place.
Are the Flat Soakers glued in place?
Yes, one side of the flat soaker needs to be glued using solvent cement. The Flat Soaker is then pushed in place with the glued side hard against the PALLISIDE® weatherboard. Under no circumstances glue both sides.
Does the Flat Soaker have a back piece?
No the flat soaker does not have base. The flat soaker can either be installed when boards are staggered or the soakers are installed one above the other proving the join is directly over a stud.
What gap is allowed for joining between 2 boards?
Allow a 5mm gap for thermal expansion.
Is there an alternative option for joining PALLISIDE® other than using flat soakers?
The 2-Part joiner option is an alternative method for joining PALLISIDE® weatherbaords, but must be joined on stud.
Do I need windows on site before PALLISIDE® is installed?
In most instances (councils require) the joinery and flashings need to be installed in place before the cladding can commence. The exception being direct fix configuration, where the windows are installed once the weatherboards have been installed to the sill height.
Who can install PALLISIDE® weatherboard?
PALLISIDE® can be installed by a licensed building practitioner (LBP). If you would like to find more about how to install PALLISIDE®, please contact Dynex on 0800 439 639.
Is there a supply and install service available instead of doing it myself?
In some areas (particularly the main centres) there may be access to a supply & install service. PALLISIDE® Service Providers offer familiarity and bring cladding expertise, which is often invaluable on one-off projects. To find out if this service is available in your area, please contact Dynex on 0800 439 639.
How can I become l PALLISIDE® weatherboards installer?
While we do not run a preferred/authorised installer scheme, we often get asked to recommend people who have experience in installing PALLISIDE®. If you are interested in offering your services in such a way, we would like to talk to you. Please contact Dynex on 0800 439 639.
Can I recycle my PALLISIDE® off-cuts in the roadside recycling?
PALLISIDE® cannot be recycled in your roadside recycling, however if you return PALLISIDE® off-cuts to Dynex in a condition free of contaminants such as dirt, nails and/or sealant etc, we will recycle it for you.