Never needs painting

The beauty of PALLISIDE® weatherboards really is more than skin deep. Imagine not needing to paint your home again. PALLISIDE® colour is engineered into every length of weatherboard, so it will never need painting - whether upon installation or at any time in the future.

Made in New Zealand

With over a quarter of a century of expertise, we understand the challenges faced by modern New Zealand homes.

Proudly made right here in New Zealand, PALLISIDE® is a high-quality engineered weatherboard system designed for New Zealand’s unique environment, ideal for use in coastal areas and high wind zones.

25 Year Warranty

Product warranties should give you peace of mind and confidence you’ll be in good hands for years to come. PALLISIDE® weatherboards have a 25-year, manufacturers’ warranty so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. What’s more, the balance of our warranty is transferable to any subsequent owner.

Cost effective

Our double profile weatherboards take less time to install so PALLISIDE® is cost-effective right from the start.

Plus, you'll never need to paint them, so ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced. PALLISIDE® weatherboards are ideal for multi-storey homes, where access for painting is much more difficult.

Sustainable and Resilient

We're proud to play our part in caring for the environment. PALLISIDE® weatherboards are resilient - designed to last the lifetime of the building without need for replacement or painting. Made from 100% recyclable uPVC, any excess from the NZ manufacturing process is recycled back into the finished product, so no material goes to landfill.

Independently tested

The PALLISIDE® weatherboard system is NZ Building Code compliant and independently appraised by BRANZ.

Check out our BRANZ appraisals - Direct Fix and Drained Cavity.

Cladding - what is the true cost?

Aside from the upfront cost of the cladding material itself, there are many other costs associated with installation and lifetime maintenance. Use our cost calculator to help ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Try our cladding cost calculator