310 Rosebank Rd
PO Box 19133, Avondale,
New Zealand

Blissful in Beachlands

PALLISIDE® was an easy choice for Jim and Jill, the proud owners of this easy-living waterfront home. They prioritised lifestyle over a lifetime of tedious house maintenance when choosing their exterior cladding.

A perfect balance between function and style

Retired engineer Jim discovered the site in 2017 while out for a walk with his grandson checking out road works on the street! With stunning beach views looking out towards Waiheke, Jim and Jill fell in love with the peaceful location and knew it was the right place to build their new home.

The home comes to life

Jim and Jill worked with an architectural draftsperson who drew up their dream home plans under their guidance. They went for an angular design with a focus on the outdoor living spaces (both upstairs and downstairs) to take advantage of the view.

They partnered with Jalcon Holmes on the build, and it took around 22 months.

“The home had to be carefully positioned on the land to avoid council pipes and accommodate an underground water tank – it was an interesting process!” says Jim.

They ended up with a roomy 320m2, five-bedroom home with their retreat on the first floor and spacious living on the ground floor for family. A full kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms on both levels has meant it works perfectly for the couple AND guests!

A perfect balance between function and style

When looking to build, the couple wanted a home that would stand up to the elements and didn’t require much maintenance. Jim certainly doesn’t want to waste his precious time on painting his house. This was the biggest reason for choosing PALLISIDE® weatherboards. 

“I’m an engineer, so function and practicality matter above all else but the bonus is, the Palliside® weatherboards look great too!” says Jim.

When Jim compared PALLISIDE® weatherboards to other uPVC cladding systems, it was a clear winner due to its sheer quality.

Beachfront considerations

Being a coastal property, Jim had to be careful which materials he chose. It was imperative that the product would not be affected by salt spray and that it could be easily washed down.

“The fact that he’ll never need to paint the house is a definite draw card. We also love that it has a 25-year warranty and is made in New Zealand.” Says Jim.

Getting the look just perfect

The couple opted for the white rusticated smooth profile to give nice clean lines – they’ve always liked weatherboard homes on coastal properties.

PALLISIDE® is well suited to this look, thanks to its double board profile and concealed nailing, which delivers a seamless, nail-free finish with minimal joins.

The white PALLISIDE® weatherboards are a classic look and pair perfectly with the Grey Friars joinery and roof and in fact helped earn their home the Registered Master Builder House of the Year 2018 Silver Award!

Environmentally friendly

While this doesn’t factor into every homeowner’s choice in building products, sustainability is something that Jim and his family are very mindful of. Their choice of PALLISIDE® weatherboards for the exterior cladding came down, in part, to their sustainability credentials – made from 100 per cent recyclable materials.

“Sustainability is important to us and it is something I keep in mind when assessing all building materials,” Jim says.

Designed for comfort

The modern home has all the creature comforts built in including double glazed windows, Smart Vent air circulation system, a Hills Built-in Vacuum System, and a Bosch heat-pump hot-water system. The perfect ingredients for a lovely warm, dry (and clean) place to live!

Coastal planting

Being on tank water, the couple needed to minimise watering the garden, therefore opted for Olive trees, Bromeliads, Phormium, Citrus and Feijoa fruit trees. The small citrus trees were positively laden with fruit and Jim gave us a great tip… a handful of Epsom salts around the base of the tree when it’s flowering!

Layout for lifestyle

The house is centred around the large, open-plan living areas that can easily be closed off for privacy. The spacious, separate rumpus room which is a nice retreat from the main living areas and great when the grandchildren come to stay.

The walls are painted Dulux Quarter Opononi, and the ceilings white, so it’s nice and neutral. The flooring is a mixture of white-washed oak, carpet, and tiles in the bathrooms.

Both bathrooms are large, with showers and toilets somewhat hidden away for the sake of privacy – vanity at the front with toilet behind to the right and shower behind to the left. Very clever!  

The furnishings feature lots of natural timbers which helps give the home a nice warm feel and a connection to the outdoors.

The large windows and doors throughout make the most of the breath-taking coastal and parkland views.

Jim and Jill love living in their stunning award-winning home and the low maintenance approach they sought via PALLISIDE® the  weatherboards has not let them down!

If you would like to find out more about PALLISIDE® weatherboards or request a sample pack, click here.