310 Rosebank Rd
PO Box 19133, Avondale,
New Zealand

Building Bold with BUILTsmart

BUILTsmart Transportable Buildings is a family-owned and operated business that has been around for over 40 years. PALLISIDE® have been proudly supporting BUILTsmart for 25 years.

Functional homes for Kiwis

Their large team produce transportable homes, baches, institutional buildings and important Kianga Ora buildings.

Across their sites in Huntly and Gisborne, they construct an impressive 250 buildings per year making them one of the largest construction businesses in New Zealand.

Standing out

BUILTsmart sets themselves apart from competitors by maintaining a quick, clean and affordable process from start to finish. The buildings are constructed under over which provides the ideal environment to achieve a higher standard of quality control.

By using Metra Wall Panels made from New Zealand pine wood fibre and a specially formulated resin, they can ensure durability across all of their buildings. Coupled with PALLISIDE® weatherboards, customers receive a building will look as good in 20 years as the day it arrived.

Partnered with PALLISIDE®

BUILTsmart have been using PALLISIDE® weatherboards for 25 years because they are the perfect accompaniment to transportable buildings – ultra-lightweight and easy to install.

These qualities mean that labour costs can stay lower, making it a much more affordable option for customers.

Sleek, stylish and durable

With three profile options and six great colours to choose from, PALLISIDE® offers a versatile look for every home. It’s sleek and modern aesthetic means it mixes will with a range of other cladding options.

PALLISIDE® weatherboards are highly durable and impervious to the elements, and is guaranteed not to fade or become brittle over time.

The most popular profile for buildings is Traditional and the most popular colour is Slate.

Low-maintenance and cost-effective

PALLISIDE® weatherboards are extremely popular with customers because of the extremely low-maintenance. They never need painting and aside from occasional wash, they remain just as sleek looking as the day they were installed.

Environmentally conscious

Both BUILTsmart and PALLISIDE® have a strong sustainability philosophy which makes for a perfect and harmonious partnership.

Within the construction industry, off-cuts of materials inevitably create a lot of waste. One of the great things about PALLISIDE® weatherboards is that they are fully recyclable.

There is a program on-site that allows BUILTsmart to put any off-cuts into Dynex containers that are taken back to the manufacturing site in Auckland to be repurposed.

At the Auckland site, these materials are ground up and re-used in other extruded products meaning that landfill waste is kept to a minimum.  

Sustainability at Dynex PALLISIDE®

At Dynex, we care about reducing our environmental impact, from the safety of our employees to creating better water solutions for our customers.

We have achieved many of our goals and have even bigger targets on the horizon.

We are taking small steps to make big changes in New Zealand. By partnering with great businesses like BUILTsmart, we can ensure than our environmental impact is lowered through increased recycling and decreased plastic waste.

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