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New Build Family Pleased With Their PALLISIDE uPVC Weatherboards

Paul and Anita chose Palliside over brick and timber weatherboards.

When Paul and Anita set out to build their new home three years ago, they had no specific cladding solution in mind. For them, it was finding something that was cost-effective to install and looked good.

“It was about the aesthetics,” says Paul.“We wanted that classic weatherboard look.”

They also had a firm idea of what they didn’t want––a cladding that required a lot of maintenance.

“We came from a house with pine weatherboard,” says Paul. “I had just finished repainting it and it was a massive job.”

And later, upon seeing the price of pine cladding for their new build, they well and truly ruled it out.

The family considered brick, another popular low-maintenance option, but felt it lacked the style and curb appeal they were after. They discovered Palliside thanks to their builder, who supplied a list of cladding suppliers as part of their contract. Further research found Palliside’s uniform appearance and colour range would complement their new build’s design to a tee. It was not overly expensive, and its quick installation time would also serve to keep labour costs down.

We did a bit of asking around, and Palliside came up on top,” says Paul. “The fact that it needed very little maintenance is what brought us across the line.

Good design made for a smooth installation with feature sections of schist stone on their chimney and garage, they opted for Palliside’s slate colour and traditional weatherboard profile. Incorporating the uPVC weatherboard into a mixed-material cladding was a simple process.

“They’ve designed it to make it easy to use with other claddings,” says Paul.

And while their installation was somewhat stop-start due to issues of finding someone to install their schist stone, the whole process only took a few weeks.

“We were building in a complex with a lot of houses going up at the same time as ours,” says Paul. “And it was really noticeable how quickly our cladding went on compared to the others.

“Our main concern was that it was going to be shiny and look like a cheap plastic house, but it hasn’t turned out this way at all,” says Paul.

“We had tradespeople come around to install parts of our interior and they were amazed when we told them that our cladding is not timber weatherboard, but uPVC plastic.”

Paul and Anita were so impressed with Palliside that they’ve even convinced one of their friends to use Palliside for their new build.

“It’s a quick, hassle free product to install, and it came at a price we could afford,” says Paul.

And with low maintenance and great looking cladding for years to come too, what’s not to like?