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Innovation delivers high-density solution

In times of crisis, the best solutions are often the result of creative and lateral thinking, where traditional views are challenged and resulting outcomes exceed expectations. Such an opportunity was presented to Resolution Design Architectural, when they partnered with Clarke Group to help address the accommodation shortage in Auckland.

Taking a “customer first” view is at the heart of the design process says Director Sunil Bakshi. “Resolution Design specialise in multi-unit development and challenge the model of conventional building solutions, without compromising useability, comfort and safety to deliver a new model of affordable housing.”

Sunil is firmly of the opinion that while the role of product manufacturer is to supply material that is Building Code compliant, it is the role (and expertise) of the designer to provide the back end system supporting that choice, “It’s about considering all the variables and working with the Building Code” says Sunil.

With a background in teaching architecture at Victoria University and having worked with in Auckland Council as a specialist building consultant, Sunil started Resolution Design Architectural in 2014 and has found his company’s unique and comprehensive knowledge of current building code requirements, council processes and legislation are in demand by clients undertaking projects in the medium to high density residential and commercial space.

Having developed an innovative proprietary design system for use in the highest risk situations, the team at Revolution Design are able to draw from a trusted material palette that includes PALLISIDE® uPVC weatherboards. Sunil says, “We use PALLISIDE® on many of our medium-high density builds.” One such example is Chapel Studios, an exciting private 3-4 star apartment development in Flatbush, Auckland.

Set over three levels it delivers amenity rich, rent by the room accommodation and satisfies demand for housing in a way that people want to live in a world class city, without sacrificing a connection to the surrounding landscape. 

According to Sunil “Some of the great things about PALLISIDE® are that the product life expectancy is built into the product from day one and being a double profile board, its’ quick to put up. A key benefit for building owners is that it never needs priming or painting, meaning the builder saves a lot of time and therefore cost and the need for ongoing maintenance is minimal.”

With PALLISIDE® being manufactured in New Zealand, supply lead times are easily managed within project timelines and with a history of over 25 years New Zealand residential housing use, PALLISIDE® has a proven legacy of performance in NZ’s extreme climatic conditions.