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PALLISIDE® – award-winning chic

PALLISIDE® was an easy choice for owners of this chic waterfront home who prioritised durability and lifestyle over a lifetime of house maintenance when choosing their exterior cladding.

A perfect balance between function and style

“When I was looking to build, I wanted a home that would stand up to the elements and didn’t require much maintenance,” says owner, Jim Rodgerson. “Maintenance is a big issue. I don’t want to waste my precious time on maintenance and painting.”

With his previous two homes all built using brick, Jim wanted a change of style. He liked the look of cedar, but it requires a huge amount of maintenance. The same went for pine weatherboards. For him, function and practicality mattered above all else.

“I’m an engineer, so I worry more about functionality than looks,” Jim jokes.

But when Jim encountered PALLISIDE® cladding system on display, he liked what he saw and ordered a sample pack.

“Being a coastal property I also had to be careful which materials we used,” Jim says. He needed a product that would not be affected by salt spray. This again ruled out timber. A uPVC cladding system, on the other hand, would have no trouble with coastal conditions.

“When I compared PALLISIDE® to other uPVC cladding systems, it was the clear winner due to its sheer quality.”

After visiting several houses to judge PALLISIDE® weatherboards’ aesthetic merit, Jim was convinced.

“We wanted a clean, uniform look,” Jim says.

This is a look PALLISIDE® is well-suited to thanks to its double board profile and concealed nailing, which delivers a seamless, nail-free finish with minimal joins.

'Guaranteed’ peace of mind

PALLISIDE® has been manufactured in New Zealand for 25 years. Knowing that PALLISIDE® weatherboards have a 25-year guarantee, and come with a long track record of success, gave Jim an extra boost in confidence when it came to the quality of PALLISIDE® uPVC weatherboards.

“Any guarantee is only as good as the company behind it,” Jim says. “PALLISIDE® has been used extensively all over New Zealand, in a range of residential builds, and by trusted friends.”

The fact the uPVC weatherboard has been appraised by BRANZ, also added to his peace of mind.

“It’s clear PALLISIDE® is a trusted product.”

Environmentally friendly

While this doesn’t factor into every homeowner’s choice in building products, sustainability is something that Jim and his family are very mindful of. Their choice of exterior cladding (PALLISIDE®) and decking material came down, in part, to their sustainability credentials—both are made from 100 per cent recyclable materials.

“Sustainability is important to us and it is something I keep in mind when assessing all building materials,” Jim says.

Finding the right builder

With his mind set on PALLISIDE®, Jim began searching for a builder who had experience installing the product. This led him to Jalcon Homes.

Jalcon Homes built the Rodgersons’ home between late 2016 and early 2017. They’ve since won a Registered Master Builders House of the Year 2018 Silver Award. In their commentary, the judges noted that the home’s cladding materials were “chosen not only for their chic look but to ensure high-performance in the home’s sea spray environment”.

“To have our home win a silver award confirmed that we made the right choice—in our builder and in the products we chose,” Jim says.

As Jim’s suburb was undergoing a large amount of construction work at the time, Jalcon Homes washed his home down to clean off any building dust before it was entered into the House of the Year awards. He hasn’t had to wash it again since.

“I look at my neighbour next door who has cedar and he’s had scaffolding up twice already in the 18 months we’ve been living here,” Jim says. “Our home is so easy to maintain by comparison and will never need painting.”